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Advocate for your baby, protect your career and turn your motherhood into a superpower at work.

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Our Mission

Welcome to The Liberated Mother Society

The Liberated Mother Society reclaims the centrality of mothers in the workplace by empowering you to use your full suite of legal rights to:



Of extended maternity leave our programs were able to deliver to moms using our resources, without any job loss

$180 million


In benefits our programs were able to obtain for our moms, which they didn’t know were available before our resources



Our moms were able to receive through our templates (for remote work and/or flex time) all while keeping their jobs

Meet The Mamattorney

Daphne Delvaux, Esq., the mastermind behind The Liberated Mother Society

With over 14 years of legal prowess as an employment attorney, she’s your fierce advocate for maternal rights. Armed with sass and warmth, The Mamattorney keeps you informed about your rights and helps you take advantage of what’s right in front of you (that you probably didn’t know about). She is a guide, helping women transform through motherhood and maintain their careers as they grow and nurture their families.

What We Do

The Liberated Mother Society protects babies and protects jobs through workplace legal education and career strategy, centered around women and their needs.

We teach you how to:

  • Protect the health of your pregnancy
  • Spend more time with your baby
  • Maximize your benefits
  • Request flex or remote accommodations
  • Attend school events
  • Embrace a life full of aliveness and sovereignty 
  • All while keeping your career SECURE
Liberated Mother Society Programs
For Employees

Helping moms get more time with their babies while protecting their careers.

For Employers

Helping business owners, managers and HR professionals create more compassionate workplaces.

For Entrepreneurs

Helping ambitious women in a sea of sharks swim to entrepreneurial freedom and ease.

Overwhelmed and confused?

Use our tool to receive the help you deserve

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The Momstitution

Made for busy moms, the MOMstitution is a two-pager that explains the most vital rights for mothers, AND provides our top strategies to protect your baby and your career.

This document is the cornerstone of your rights and provides a blueprint for you to show up as an educated and empowered mother in the workplace.

Join The Liberated Mother Society

Moms aren’t taking the maternity leave they’re entitled to and aren't requesting accommodations.

WHY IS THAT? Because she either doesn’t know her rights, has been misinformed by her employer, is afraid to lose her job, or can’t afford to take more time off. Let’s change that, together. Give your baby the gift of a safe and protected pregnancy, more time snuggling with you, a financially secure household, sick days at home, and your presence at school events. Through 5-min videos and easily digestible to-dos, you can simply follow our step-by-step roadmap to keep those babies close while keeping agency over your career.

Let’s reclaim our ancestral birthright to be protected and respected as mothers.


The Momstitution

All major maternal rights in JUST ONE PAGE!

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