Take extended maternity leave, get the time you need to heal, and protect your career while doing it.
Join us in The Liberated Mother Portal, where we celebrate the force of motherhood!
Introducing the
Liberated Mother Portal

The only program related to maternity leave and motherhood at work that is created and led by expert employment attorneys.

Empowering Your Journey

Clear Education, Attorney-Drafted Templates, Lightened Load



Of extended maternity leave our programs were able to deliver to moms using our resources, without any job loss

$180 million


In benefits our programs were able to obtain for our moms, which they didn’t know were available before our resources



Our moms were able to receive through our templates (for remote work and/or flex time) all while keeping their jobs

What it Includes

For the pregnant mamas, women who are trying to conceive, or thinking about pregnancy. Lessons include: announcing pregnancy, pregnancy discrimination rights, pregnancy accommodation rights, pregnancy loss accommodations, interviewing while pregnant, and your rights during fertility treatments. We have templates for all of these topics.

The lessons and roadmaps are short and to the point. We know that you’re busy and tired.

Maternity Leave Rights

Learn about your leave rights and benefits and protections you are entitled to during those leaves. Get clear answers (finally!) on how much time you’re actually entitled to, and how to request leave. As leave rights differ per state, our leave portal is separated out per state, and we have done the work to ensure your leave rights are set up for maximum time with your baby. 

Send our maternity leave templates to your managers to get more time with your little cub!

Motherhood Rights

Is your leave coming to an end? Then you will love this portal which is all about your re-entry plan. Lessons include: postpartum accommodations rights (including PPD/PPA), lactation rights, intermittent leave rights, and what to do when you’re just not ready. We have a script for that too. We also cover what to do when things are different after you return. 

We also got you when your baby gets older. This is where we teach you how to bring those mama superpowers to the workplace!

Meet the Mamattorney

Daphne Delvaux, Esq.

I’m a mother as well as the owner of the nation’s first and only law firm devoted to women’s rights at work. Mothers need an advocate who understands their rights as well as life as a mom, including for your time with your baby to be stress-free and protected.

I have a track record of standing up to corporations that don’t respect their mother employees, including a $1,000,000 result for a pregnancy discrimination case. I also experienced my own challenges as a Mamattorney.

From navigating my own rights during my two pregnancies, to realizing the need for flex and remote accommodations when returning to work, I found my own superpowers through motherhood.

I have mastered how to protect my babies, my body and my career, and I have allowed motherhood to transform and expand me, all through the art of advocacy and negotiation.

Through my own journey, it became my mission to share my resources and secrets so all mothers can be safe and free. For the first time, a trial lawyer of my caliber is sharing all of our strategies and tools with the public, without sending anyone an attorney bill.

I have helped thousands of mothers protect their babies and careers.

You, too, can embrace your motherhood journey without compromising your career.

As Seen In

I hear the same stories every day

As mothers...

We both need to earn a paycheck to support our families and ourselves, and also, our babies need all of us and we want to hold them while they are little. We are stuck between this primal fear of job loss – a very valid fear – and at the same time, our animal bodies long for closeness with our cubs, and separation feels so sad and scary – also a very valid fear.

It’s so hard to hold this tension. This is where we meet you.

If you are bumping up against walls at work, we give you a sledgehammer. 

Too often, these employers don’t actually know the law. And we are not okay with that.

There is too much incorrect and misleading information about our rights, and women don’t know who to trust anymore. For instance: some states have more generous paid leave frameworks than others. The problem is, almost all employers get it wrong. We are here to help you through this transformative, but overwhelming experience of motherhood at work. 

Absolutely nothing is more important than the survival and wellbeing of your baby, and we are here to hold you, and to protect your baby, and your job.

Imagine If...
The Portal Provides Trusted information to coach moms on their rights.

Much to the disdain of other lawyers who charge hourly for this information, I decided to make everything available for an affordable price. I’m a bit of a rebel that way.

The content is also easy-to-digest, mom-to-mom, and judgment-free. I’m envisioning a movement where moms are empowered about their rights so they can successfully excel at their careers without compromising quality time at home.

How the Portal works:

Step 1

Identify Your Issue

Whether you are nervous to announce your pregnancy, need time off after miscarriage, confused about your leave rights, or struggle to keep up with pumping demands, identify what you need support with in our accessible and straightforward digital portal.

Step 2

Know Your Rights

We will teach you what you need to know, concisely and nothing more. All of our content is created for busy moms. There are no boring legal lectures or legalese. This is where you move from feeling hopeless, powerless and confused to feeling clear, educated and empowered.

Step 3

Copy + Paste Our Templates

Use our email templates to announce your pregnancy, plan for your leave, request more time with your baby, seek accommodations, ask for your pumping needs, and address any tricky situations that may come up. Stop worrying about the right words to use and use our attorney-drafted email templates.

Step 4


You may feel a little nervous. Your employer may not want you to use your rights because it could mean remote work, flexibility, a higher salary, more time off, or a serious culture change. Combining motherhood with a career can be a lonely experience. We do not usually feel safe expressing how we REALLY feel in the workplace. Connect with others who are walking the same path.

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Community Results Reviews Success

Too often I see women longing to express their needs at work but hit a critical obstacle: they are worried to “rock the boat.” This makes sense. We have been taught to keep our head down and just work. And we NEED our jobs. You feel pressured by the demands of your workplace, but at the same time, you worry about the impact of all this stress on your baby. You want to express your needs, but are worried you will be penalized. You do not want to let your team down. You feel stuck between a demanding workplace and your motherhood journey. In addition, the rules are VERY confusing. For example, there are federal leave rights, and state leave rights. Employers are not providing the right type of leave, and women are not requesting the right type of leave. I have seen too many women take short leaves or leave money on the table because they just did not know their rights. With a new baby, every day and every dollar counts.

Learn about your rights, receive EMAIL TEMPLATES for specific interactions written by an employment attorney, and gain the confidence to ask for what you need while protecting your career.

NO! The Portal allows you to cancel at any time. We don’t recommend it, because the law changes every year. We want to be able to provide legal updates and we can only do that through a membership. If you opt out of the membership, your information risks becoming outdated. You will also receive new materials and have access to group support and camaraderie. Once you cancel, you will be removed from the groups. Because we allow you to cancel at any time, we do not allow for refunds.

There are many other programs supporting parents in parental leave transitions, but none of them are offered by an actual employment lawyer. This can be reckless because, though well-intended, non-lawyers tend to give wrong legal advice. We have seen many women lose out on time off with their babies due to a misleading program. Often, these programs do not address the legal side at all, and just send you back to your employer.

Because your employer is not the best source, and may not know. The law is complex and much more comprehensive than people think. We’ve yet to meet a manager who was able to perform their day-to-day functions and ALSO keep track of all employment laws AND know how to apply them. Employers may also provide you with misleading information. For example, employers have no duty to educate you on your leave rights. They may offer you a different leave that is less time. It is then up to you to know how to request the right type of leave. The law expects you, as an employee, to request your rights.

The information will not be tailored to you. For example, the EEOC will not reflect any of your state rights, and is inherently incomplete and you will miss out on a lot of information. They also do not teach you how to actually use the rights or frame a request in a strategic way.

Other state-based websites like EDD or DFEH are also not reliable.

The EDD is not where your rights come from, it is only where your benefits come from. For example, PFL (paid family leave) is not a paid family leave program. Wait… what? How confusing is that? Yes. It is only a wage replacement program. The actual time off law is called the CFRA. So if you are going to request PFL, you are actually not asking for the correct time off, and may be losing out on time off with your baby.

The DFEH is a reliable source, but it is incomplete. It is a government website and does not provide a full overview of all of your leave rights and how to actually work with them. The government is not your ally. It is not invested in your success. You need a true advocate that is trained in the law to walk you through this journey. An advocate who WANTS you to succeed both at home and at work.

Through this program, you are not hiring Ms. Delvaux as your lawyer. This is an educational program and Ms. Delvaux cannot give you legal advice. If you need legal representation, please click here.

I have made so much information about our rights free and accessible for all. It will always remain this way, because I believe access to legal education should be available to all, regardless of income levels. In the Portal, we take this information to the next level and I actively teach you how to advocate for yourself. Knowing your rights is one thing, but knowing how to actually use your rights is the real pro-level. My blog and social media platforms are also limited. The format of these forums does not allow me to explain this information in the most digestible way. The law is complicated, and The Portal consolidates all of my knowledge that I have acquired over 10 years in a way that my other channels are unable to do. If you want to have access to the most up-to-date information and the HOW, you must join the Portal.

No, though we heavily focus on mothers’ rights. When women become pregnant, they are often confronted with their rights for the first time. They have to figure out their maternity leave rights, secure their jobs and protect their professional goals. There was a real need for women to receive specific legal support through the journey of pregnancy, maternity leave and return-to-work and the Portal fills that gap.

We also highly encourage those considering to have children in the future to join the Portal. You will know what to expect and how to plan ahead in your career. This will give you a competitive advantage.

The program is intended to be inclusive of all who need the information, regardless of gender identity or circumstances.

We can all get a bit stuck in the employee v. employer duality. We will admit that, as employee-side lawyers, it can feel easy to vilify “employers.” But what is an employer? A group of employees! Even managers and HR staff. They are employees too. So while we will talk about your “employer” as an opposing force, it is often just a select group of owners, or maybe one mean boss, a clueless HR rep or even just company culture. It is true that employees are often met with resistance by their managers, but it is possible for these employees to educate their own managers and turn them around. This is what the true magic of joining the Portal is all about. You will become THE trusted source on workplace rights. And when you have the law in your pocket, you will be extremely powerful.

It covers all states!!! We will explain your rights regardless of where you live. It has a heavy and comprehensive California section because California’s legal landscape is unique and offers more protections than other states. But if you live in another state, we will also teach you how to maximize your rights and you will likely learn rights you did not know you had. Except for our state-by-state leave portal, our pregnancy and back-to-work portals apply to all workers in the US. The Portal has what you need, regardless of where you live. It is specifically designed to be accessible to ALL and meet you where you are.

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