We are protecting babies

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We are protecting careers
"I was about to quit breastfeeding because pumping was impossible. Then you taught me how to work with my employer on getting my needs met, and now we are back on track! Nursing my baby is my favorite moment after coming home from work and it’s all because of you. You are truly an angel on earth."
"You’re doing God’s work! I was about to quit my job and was experiencing so much stress that my doctor was telling me it was impacting my pregnancy and baby. Because of you, I was able to calmly request my needs in a way they couldn’t say no to, and now I am able to work from my bed. I’m so, so relaxed, all while knowing my job will be there when I return. Thank you on behalf of me and thank you on behalf of my baby for giving her a relaxed mommy."
"Thanks to you, I got 6 months total off! My HR was super understanding but just had no idea this was even possible. They helped me but didn’t tell me everything. I learned about my rights from you and then educated my HR and they ended up changing the policy for everyone! You’re such a gift to us moms!"
"I just wanted to thank you for all you do. I had your script in my hand when I went into a meeting with my boss about my upcoming parental leave and unapologetically said I’d be taking the full amount offered by the state. Thank you!"
We are shifting culture to support moms
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