About the journey of the liberated mother...

who has agency over her life. Who is
like a jaguar protecting her cubs

Getting you out of the labyrinth

Working motherhood can feel like navigating a labyrinth blindfolded

In The Liberated Mother Society, we will take off your blindfold and give you the map out of the labyrinth.

Your rights are powerful. And we’re not just talking about your rights that are written in the regulations. We are also talking about the ones that are written on your bones. Your birthrights. To be held, supported, protected, revered, and celebrated as a Mother Goddess.

If you’re struggling to comprehend or exercise your rights as a mother, or feel unsupported by your employer as you try and fail to establish a balance between working and family life, join us.

At the end of your initiation in our portal, you will know and understand your rights, and feel confident advocating for them in the workplace without worrying about backlash.

You can effectively navigate your dual roles without compromising your career aspirations, relationships at work and home, or precious time with your baby.

Who is piloting this MotherShip?

Meet Daphne Delvaux, Esq. aka as the Queen of maternal rights, the Mamattorney herself

Daphne Delvaux, Esq. is the creator of the Mamattorney, a platform on a mission to educate women on their rights at work and teach them how to advocate for their needs so they can receive more financial freedom and time freedom without sacrificing their career goals. 

Daphne isn’t a mommy blogger dishing out incorrect advice, with no actual understanding of the law. She isn’t a “coach” pretending to be an expert after going to a weekend seminar. 

She’s an award-winning senior trial attorney who specializes in gender discrimination cases, and she runs the nation’s first law firm devoted ENTIRELY to women’s rights at work. 

She’s gone up against the biggest and baddest corporations (including Fox News, Amazon, Walmart, etc) and achieved countless 6-7 figure verdicts and settlements on behalf of women, such as a…

$1,000,000 result for a pregnancy discrimination case

Daphne is also the co-founder of the motherhood advocacy nonprofit Chamber of Mothers, and regularly meets with members of Congress to advocate for mothers. In her capacity as Chief Legal Officer of the Chamber of Mothers, she was asked to advise the federal government on a federal paid leave proposal, which she drafted and presented.

As Seen In

As a mom of two herself, Daphne is familiar with the challenges many women face in the workplace.

By championing workers while navigating motherhood, she is showing us all that we CAN cherish our personal life without compromising our ambitions and professional growth.

Sassy and informative, Daphne is on YOUR side as an employment lawyer oriented to protecting employees, and a mama who cares deeply about all babies.

Daphne’s main motivation is to be a love lawyer, protecting the mother-baby bubble, and advocating for the babies of America.

She coaches mothers how to rebel against the capitalist systems that profit from early separation from their babies, and to stand firm in their empowered and liberated motherhood as a revolutionary act.

Daphne’s mission is to prevent generational trauma, through creating a container for mothers to be held, supported and safe.

Mothering is biologically the most important and powerful function, yet is societally the most penalized and disempowering function. She created a life, yet society does not reward her and instead punishes her with exclusion and lack of support. It’s offensive. Entering the chat: The Mamattorney

Are you ready to become a liberated mother?

A Liberated Mother has agency over her life. She isn’t afraid to say no to the forces that seek to separate her from her babies. She’s like a jaguar protecting her cubs. And also, like a jaguar, she’s a huntress.

She integrates protection and nourishment seamlessly and sustainably. Protection and nourishment not just of her cubs, but herself too. She’s fully alive, fully alert, nimble yet fierce. She knows she is powerful, and acts accordingly.

The path of the Liberated Mother is what we will be sharing. We are on it too. We hope to walk alongside you.

Claim your ancestral right to be liberated
and celebrated as a mother

Hi friend, 

A few years ago, I was rushing between the courtroom, the pumping room, my kid’s room, and my office. I felt like I could not breathe. It felt like my own needs were irrelevant, I was forced to override my body daily, and I was frustrated and resentful about how much time my job took me away from my baby. Outward, I “had it all.” The career. The family. The fancy suits. But inside, I felt numb and like I was failing everyone and everything. I was expected to work at a pace and intensity that was completely misaligned with my new identity and reality as a mother.

After yet another night of no sleep, an overflowing briefcase, and a bottle of breastmilk that tipped over in chambers, I knew I had to live a different life. A life of agency and time freedom. The problem was, I wasn’t seeing any examples of the life I wanted. All I saw was women pushing themselves beyond their limits, and the relentless pursuit of business growth, sacrificing family life and personal interests entirely. The other path was the extreme contrast, women who dropped out entirely.

I was, and always have been, an ambitious woman too, so I did not want to forfeit my career for my baby. I felt like I was more than just a mom. I was trying to find the middle path.

On this journey, I learned how to advocate for my needs and my baby’s needs. I found my voice and my strength. I used my motherhood superpowers as transferable skills in the workplace and even created an entire arm of the law practice serving mother clients. My boss was impressed with how I used motherhood to open up a new market for us. And yet, I still felt like I did not have the time freedom I craved. After my second baby, I was dropped back into an overwhelming case load with no support. I advocated – and received – more support that would allow me to be the mother of two while maintaining my senior attorney position. It worked for a while, and I also negotiated flexibility and a remote work option which allowed me to stay closer to my children. 

After being inundated with demand, I took the leap to launch my own law firm. The firm was a success, but soon I found myself back in the same place of burnout and overwhelm. I made a radical decision to put myself on a mental health leave, from my own company! After taking some time to recover, I am finally at the final stage of the Liberated Mother’s initiation: I have complete time freedom, while also still being in charge of my own career. It is a glorious place to be. I feel so free and so light. I feel like I am both deeply grounded but also blissfully floating. I attend all school events and take long vacations, and I also have protected windows of time for deep work and creative passions. 

It IS possible to reach this level of Liberation! The middle path is possible, but the road is narrow and not without challenges. However, as any initiation journey, these challenges are there to transform you and allow you to find the fullest expression of your gifts and powers. 

This journey will require you to be fully devoted to your own liberation. And by liberating yourself, you will liberate your children. If you are reading this, you have the chance of becoming the first liberated woman in your entire lineage. You have a right to be liberated. We will not just be talking about the rights you have to liberate yourself from workplace stress and demands, but also about your ancestral birthright to walk this earth as a free woman with full agency over her life and family. 

We must do this for our female ancestors who never had the chance to be this free. And we must do this for our children. We must show them the blueprint and the path to liberation, so they do not end up feeling stuck, overwhelmed and numb like we did. I have so much hope for this next generation of children, but it starts with us. We have to be willing to trust our own powers, and to believe a better life is possible for us and for them. We have to stop being complicit in our own exploitation. We have to dare to be fully embodied and embrace rest, play, and joy. 

Are you ready for liberation? Will you join me? I cannot wait to walk with you.

Finding the right words can be difficult when talking about pregnancy or motherhood at work

You’ll get access to scripts that you can copy and paste, saving you brain energy and any stress you’d expend over saying the ‘right thing.’ These scripts cover a wide range of topics, from announcing a pregnancy to asking for maternity leave (based on your specific state rights) and leave extensions. 

Through scripts, digestible videos, a private podcast, and community discussions, you will learn about your rights in a fuss-free way without sacrificing more of your time or sorting through legal jargon.

You’ll learn to confidently advocate for yourself at every stage of the journey, allowing you to protect your job, your well-being (and your baby’s too!)

Mothers are stuck between an economy that tells them the work comes first and a society that tells them the kids come first, but who is advocating for the mothers’ needs? The result is an entire generation of burned out women. No more. Let’s unite. Together, we are so powerful.

— The Mamattorney —

Need to hire your own lawyer?

Get to know Delvaux Law, a women’s rights firm

Any of the programs at The Liberated Mother Society are educational in nature, and do not provide personal or individualized legal advice. If you are in need of an actual law firm to step into the arena with you, you can submit an intake at Delvaux Law. Daphne runs and manages the nation’s first and only law firm devoted entirely to women’s rights cases. The firm champions women who have experienced discrimination at work, seeking justice, equity and vindication. To seek legal support, please submit an intake directly on the law firm website. 

Are you ready to become
a liberated mother?

At The Liberated Mother Society, we are mama jaguars protecting not just our cubs, but all cubs. Join us.

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